Packing Details

Size Thickness (mm)
Pieces Per
Area / Box
Sq. Mt.
Wt. / Box Kgs.
300 x 300 mm 9.0 9 0.81 11.5
450 x 300 mm 9.0 6 0.81 12.5
600 x 300 mm 9.5 8 1.44 12.5
250 MM X 380 MM 7.0 8 0.75 11
Note :

Colour shown are as accurate as the limitations of the printing process will allow

Prospective customers are advised to inspect a simple of the tile before ordering.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information given.

However, the company reserves the right to change the specification without prior notice.

Some times variation in shade or size being inherent to ceramic industry may occur.

It is suggests to check the tiles before purchase and laying as the company dose not accept responsibility once the tiles are laid.